Episode 3: The Ask: How to Become a Better Marketer

In this week's episode I share some of the ways I teach my clients “how to ask.”

I talk to women every day who tell me when they started their coaching business they had no idea that 75% of the work they would be doing was selling and marketing.

Instead these women had a “build it and they will come” mentally that looked like, getting a certification, registering for an LLC, building a website and then looking around wondering where all their clients were.

The truth is without the ability to market and sell your services authentically and effectively it is going to be difficult to create the income and impact you want from your coaching business but that’s where I come in.

I help women who are good as hell at what they do get in front of their ideal clients and communicate the value of the work they do (the ask) so they can work with a roster of dream clients, have DM’s full of women asking how they can work together and offers that sell...

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Episode 41: Bad Habits & How to Generate 3K Before the New Year

This episode is the finale of season one of The Social Selling Podcast and I want to make a special shout-out to YOU, the listeners who tune in each week and support the show. Our podcast has doubled listenership every single month since its launch in January and made it in the top 100 charts five times! Thank you for tuning in, we’ll be back for season 2 soon! 


  • What symptoms can manifest from “shiny object syndrome”
  • 5 Bad habits to leave behind in 2021
  • 3 ways to generate 3K before the new year

Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed this episode the best way to show some love is by taking a screenshot of the show and tagging me on your Instagram Stories @courtneyjkimble. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and leave a review on iTunes to enter to win a $75 visa gift card that my team draws once a month!


Come and hang with me in my private Facebook Community, The Social Selling Collective or on...

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Episode 32: Can we take triggers and turn them into teachers?


In this episode I share how a casual conversation with my boyfriend went from what should we do today into a triggering and teachable moment for me. One minute we’re talking about TJ Maxx and the next I’m filled with shame and embarrassment, why? Tune in and find out.


  • What we can learn from the things that trigger us
  • How important it is to heal our relationship with money
  • Why masculine strategies need to be balanced with feminine flow if you want a wildly successful business that feels “easy” 

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