Episode 34: Calling myself out and sharing the secret to 10K months

In this week’s episode of The Social Selling Podcast I call myself out and share the secret to 10K months.


How Q2 humbled me 

The power of  leveraging what’s working

The secret to 10K months

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Episode 27: The 6-Figure Blueprint


In this week's episode of The Social Selling Podcast I share the evolution of how the Foundations blueprint was born. I created a framework, one I knew produced results because not only was I using it and growing FAST & sign more client, I taught it to my clients I signed & they were using it to generate in revenue.

There’s a trajectory coaches evolve from, there are different paths you can take on your way to becoming the 6-figure+ earner of your dreams BUT the foundation is always the same.

Enrollment for Foundations closes Friday! Foundations is my hybrid group coaching program for you to learn the fundamentals of building a 6-figure coaching business online without using paid advertising, fancy funnels or a website. 

Inside Foundations, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know (niching, offer formulation, messaging, branding, social media, attraction marketing, sales & buyer psychology, systems, and so much more ) through our hybrid...

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Episode 16: How Doing Less Created More

This week on the Social Selling Podcast I take you behind the scenes of CJK Consulting’s Q1, pulling the curtain back on sales, launch plans, client wins and the things I did less of that lead to a 50K sales quarter with at 28K+ sales week. 


  • Q1 wrap up and Q2 forecast for CJK Consulting
  • The things I stopped doing and what I did instead that lead to 50K in sales in Q1
  • The 3 things my clients did that helped them generate over 300K in revenue in Q1 

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If you’ve been asking yourself, “where do experts go to get support and coaching?” This is it, LTL mastermind was created for high level coaches and service providers who are ready to rapidly scale their 6-figure+ version of the laptop lifestyle without the hustle.

This container is a 6 month shared experience where leaders come together to complement one another's knowledge &...

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