Episode 30: Does hard work have to feel hard?

In this week’s episode of The Social Selling Podcast I riff about hard work, bad vibes and how you can show up when you don’t feel motivated.

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Episode 19: How to Craft Your Signature Framework

Hey Social Seller, I know you’re good as hell at what you do but you might be struggling to scale, get noticed or establish authority in your industry and here's one thing that could change all that…  a signature framework!

Crafting your signature framework helps you to showcase to your audience how you provide results, allowing potential clients to develop trust in the process because they see how you’ll guide to success step-by-step.

I’m sure you’re thinking, "but Courtney, how do I even create my own signature framework?!” 

Tune in and you’ll find out!


  • The genius of a personal brand
  • The step-by-step process to extracting your own signature framework

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Episode 14: It Goes Down in the DM’s: Building a 6-Figure Business Online

In this week’s episode of The Social Selling Podcast, I share the easiest way to generate sales and sign clients organically.


  •  What should be on the top of your To-Do List daily
  •  The difference between a cold pitch and a private invitation 
  •  Why your fear of sending a DM is holding you back from your income goals

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This is a first come first serve...

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Episode 12: BTS of a 20K Launch

This week’s episode I take you behind the scenes of my client and mastermind alumni Ash’s sold out group program launch.


  • Three things you need to sell out your next launch 
  • What lead generation actually is 
  • Why custom is always better

LIVE THE LIFESTYLE MASTERMIND is officially accepting applications. APPLY HERE

The women who join this container will define their own versions of success, start asking the right questions and receive support from a leader (me) who guides them to expand, lead, and elevate in all areas of their business.

This is a 6 month hybrid (group + 1:1 support) coaching container that will help you create a business that complements your lifestyle--a mastermind to help you scale your business to the next level of income, energy, mindset, strategy, ALL without compromising everything else in your life. You’ll develop consistent strategies and systems to help you bring in those high five-figure...

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Episode 3: The Ask: How to Become a Better Marketer

In this week's episode I share some of the ways I teach my clients “how to ask.”

I talk to women every day who tell me when they started their coaching business they had no idea that 75% of the work they would be doing was selling and marketing.

Instead these women had a “build it and they will come” mentally that looked like, getting a certification, registering for an LLC, building a website and then looking around wondering where all their clients were.

The truth is without the ability to market and sell your services authentically and effectively it is going to be difficult to create the income and impact you want from your coaching business but that’s where I come in.

I help women who are good as hell at what they do get in front of their ideal clients and communicate the value of the work they do (the ask) so they can work with a roster of dream clients, have DM’s full of women asking how they can work together and offers that sell...

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