Episode 14: It Goes Down in the DM’s: Building a 6-Figure Business Online

In this week’s episode of The Social Selling Podcast, I share the easiest way to generate sales and sign clients organically.


  •  What should be on the top of your To-Do List daily
  •  The difference between a cold pitch and a private invitation 
  •  Why your fear of sending a DM is holding you back from your income goals

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Episode 39: CX: The number one way to scale your biz


If you’re wondering what CX is… you’re probably not alone. CX stands for customer experience which is your customers’ holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand. Everything you do impacts your CX and somehow it’s usually an afterthought to most business owners. I want to change that so in this episode I share a not so great client experience I had over the weekend (& no, I won’t be returning) and highlight a few key things you can do to create an elevated client experience that not only keep your clients happy but will help you scale your business a whole lot faster. 


  • The benefits of delivering a great CX
  • One essential system your business needs from day one.
  • How I leveraged my client experience + sales funnel to sell out two private launches and generate over 40K in revenue this year. 

Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed this episode the best way to show...

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Episode 38: Content to Cash

Do you ever scroll through your own social media content and think to yourself, “this is some good right here!” In this episode of the Social Selling Podcast I dissected one piece of content that converted into a five figure sale for my company. 


  • The mental checklist you should run through in your mind before you hit publish on any piece of content
  • The recipe for a high converting piece of content 
  • If you listen carefully enough you also get 2 more content prompts hidden inside the caption I breakdown 

ALL IN OFFER #4: Launches on Friday! Stay tuned for a signature offer that got a major makeover 

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Episode 19: How Launching Tripled My Revenue in 2021


In this week's episode of the Social Selling Podcast we talk about the exponential growth Courtney J Kimble Consulting has been experiencing and the one thing directly correlated to us tripling our revenue in 2021. 


How I mastered the art of launching.

4 key fundamentals you need to up level to help you sell out your next launch. 

The importance of launching in a way that’s energetically and ethically aligned with you.

Why copy & paste launch strategy doesn’t work.



Souled Out Launches is a supportive, comprehensive, step-by-step, 8-week accelerator for women who are good as hell at what they do & are ready for sold out launch after launch so they can scale their biz & go to their next level of income and impact!

Enrollment closes on Friday, click below to enroll for round 3


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