Episode 39: CX: The number one way to scale your biz


If you’re wondering what CX is… you’re probably not alone. CX stands for customer experience which is your customers’ holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand. Everything you do impacts your CX and somehow it’s usually an afterthought to most business owners. I want to change that so in this episode I share a not so great client experience I had over the weekend (& no, I won’t be returning) and highlight a few key things you can do to create an elevated client experience that not only keep your clients happy but will help you scale your business a whole lot faster. 


  • The benefits of delivering a great CX
  • One essential system your business needs from day one.
  • How I leveraged my client experience + sales funnel to sell out two private launches and generate over 40K in revenue this year. 

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