Episode 25: Money Mindset: Are You Under-Earning in Your Biz?


Are you constantly thinking about money?


Am I going to have enough money to pay my bills?


Can I afford to take that trip?


These are a few symptoms of underearning.


Underearning is a big issue in our lives. It leads to worry, stress, and even obsessive behavior.


Isn’t it funny the more money you make the less you have to think about it?


I’ve been studying money, how to make more of it and what prevents us from earning more of it and that’s exactly what we dive into in this episode…

Ready to reprogram? Let’s start making you some more money in your business

Plus check out this Marissa Peer hypnosis to pinpoint what money blocks you experience.


 What under-earning is, how it typically manifests, and various unconscious beliefs and money blocks that are keeping you small.

 Why your belief system and mindset play a major role in making the money...

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