Episode 16 S 3: The simplest psychological trigger that gets people to buy

In this week's episode of The Social Selling Podcast, we're diving into a fundamental success online – the power of likability. We'll explore the importance of likability and how building a brand can help you stand out in what can feel like a saturated market. So, if you've ever wondered why everyone is buying from her or how to make your business more known, tune in!


Personal Story: I share a conversation I had with my boyfriend Julian about selling The Roadmap Course with Master Resell Rights,  "Why would someone buy from you if many others are selling the same thing?"

Likability and Trust: We don’t buy from people you don't vibe with.

Debunking the idea of "saturated markets." Explaining that even within the same niche, your unique personality sets you apart.

Importance of Branding: The difference between brand (noun) and branding (verb). 

The Roadmap Course is a zero fluff digital course that's designed to give...

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Episode 15 S 3: Is the course everyone is talking about a scam?

In this week's episode of The Social Selling Podcast, we dive into a question that has been on a lot of people’s mind: "Is this course a scam?" If you're like, “what course?” don't worry – we're going to unpack the details of a course that's causing a buzz across the Internet. 


Answering the Burning Question: "Is this course a scam?"

Exploring the Course with Master Resell Rights: What's all the hype about?

Addressing the Misconceptions: Separating fact from fiction

The Roadmap Course is a comprehensive digital course that's designed to empower you with the tools you need to confidently navigate the digital business world. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or just looking to add an extra stream of income, this course is packed with invaluable actionable information that can help you achieve your next first OR next milestone.


Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed this episode...

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