Episode 10: Increase Your Engagement & Conversion Rates with this ONE Type of Content

If your engagement rates have been low on socials and you feel like your message isn't resonating with your audience like it used to, this episode is for you.

In this episode I give you the single most effective type of content to share and communicate your message online. Coaches and OSP’s who use this type of content to demonstrate the value of what they do are wildly successful through cultivating followings of loyal raving fans.


  • Why the experience is replacing the explanation in content marketing
  • The type of content you can use in your content marketing strategy to grow your social platforms with more like minded individuals who want to pay you
  • How to remove anxiety around "what to post"

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Episode 14: Showing Up Authentically in Your Business with Nina Hirt

In today’s episode, we have the one and only, Nina Hirt. Nina is a Fitness Coach turned 6-figure Business Coach & Organic Engagement Queen! She helps female entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses to six and seven figures by showing up and being themselves. 

Imagine never second-guessing what you say or how you say it online, you just being you and your audience loving you for it and buying from you because of it? That’s the magic of a personal brand. In this episode of the Social Selling Podcast, we share with you what showing up as your authentic unfiltered self can do for your business.

You can find Nina hanging out on Clubhouse @realcoachnina and on Instagram @therealcoachnina.



How standing in your own unapologetic truth gives others permission to do the same.

The importance of incorporating fun into your business.

Two different exercises you can do today to start building an authentic personal brand...

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