Episode 13 S 3: How to create sustainability and insane success in your coaching business

In this episode, I dive into the topic of creating sustainability and success in your coaching business. Join me as I explore the power of stepping away from being a "Yes girl" and building a business that aligns with the life you desire.


The power of saying no. Discover what happens when you stop being a "Yes girl" and start prioritizing the life you want to live. I explore how setting boundaries and making intentional decisions can lead to a business that supports your desired lifestyle.

2 key questions to ask before creating and selling an offer. I reveal these questions and explain why they are key to building a successful coaching business.

Building a business that aligns with your life, learn how to create and scale a coaching business that’s not only successful but also supports the life you want to live.

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If you’ve been asking yourself,...

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Episode 28: The Difference: 10K to 30K months


Hello my Social Seller! On this week's episode of the show, I share with you how to take your coaching business from 10K months to 30K+ months.


The 5 things you need to hit your first 10K month

The sales and marketing method that makes the difference between 10K to 30K months

Why personal power when you approach launching is important

Click here to register for the Live Launch Lab! THE 5 Day Launch Workshop for Coaches & Creatives to Learn How to Launch to SELL OUT.

Inside the Live Launch Lab you’re going to learn everything I know about launching and selling, this is my launch framework that’s generated one million dollars in client sales.

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Episode 13: Self Discovery: The Importance of Getting to Know Yourself with Sara Katherine

In this episode, I bring on a very special guest, my friend and past client Sara Katherine!

Sara is a Self-Discovery Coach, podcast host for Be Your Own Badass, and the author of Your Self-Discovery Journal, I’m Awesome: Here’s Why and Be Happy. Be Calm. Be YOU. Sara's mission is to help women achieve their goals without letting people-pleasing or perfectionism get in their way, so they can create a life they truly love. You can find Sara hanging out on Instagram @coachsarakatherine


  •  How a deeper understanding of yourself can lead to a more fulfilled life & business
  •  The first step to becoming more self-aware so you can you find your passions, purpose, motivations, and so much more.

Grab Sara’s FREE Life Audit Workbook here!

Visit Sara’s website to learn more about the work she does and to get your copy of her new book,Your Self-Discovery Journal: A Guided Journey to Identify and Actualize Your Passions,...

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Episode 7: Part 3: The system you need in place to make it all happen.


This episode is part 3 of 3 where I share the system you need to make it happen…

F O U N D A T I O N S is that system! Foundations is your step-by-step framework that will help you start & build a 6-figure business online. You’ll gain clarity through simplicity and learn how to take inspired action to scale your business with no BS systems, and strategies that ACTUALLY create profitable businesses.

Your follower count, experience or lack thereof doesn’t matter here… Foundations will give you the framework to attract and sign more clients online. This program is guaranteed to give you the foundational business building pieces you need to have a successful, sustainable, scalable business without spending thousands of dollars on paid ads, fancy funnels, or a custom website.

I created this container because I noticed a gap in the market. There are a number of programs and courses that promise to show you how to get the next big shiny thing and...

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Episode 40: Coaching Predictions: 2022 ForecastĀ 

In this week’s episode of The Social Selling Podcast I grab the mic and my crystal ball to  share my predictions for the future of one of the fastest growing industries.


  • How my social media detox is going
  • Trends & predictions for the coaching industry in 2022
  • What these trends mean for the future of the coaching industry

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Head over to courtneyjkimbleconsulting.com to grab your Free copy of The Instagram Bio Blueprint!

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