Episode 37: 3 Ways to Get Dream Clients in Your DM’s on Instagram


This week’s show is short and sweet but value packed! In today’s episode I introduce part of my signature Social Selling Model and share with you three easy actionable ways to get dream clients into your DM’s on Instagram. I also preview ALL IN offer #2 and reveal an EPIC bonus that I decided to throw in to spice things up!


  • What my signature Social Selling Model is, what relational selling is, why I use and teach it to my clients exclusively 
  • 3 ways to get dream clients into your DM’s on Instagram
  • What ALL IN offer #2 is and what the new bonus is for everyone who registers

ALL IN OFFER #2: She’s In! Masterclass: Create a lead generation strategy that has your dream clients saying “send me the link!”

Imagine if your audience got exactly what they needed from you in your content to say YES...

YES to the Freebie

YES to the Course

YES to the Masterclass

YES to the Group Program

YES to the Mastermind

One empowered Yes after another...

Have you been using tools, outsourcing engagement, implementing strategies and optimizing every step of your sales funnel, obsessing over each word on your sales pages, and every post you share on social media. And still . . . does it ever seem to bring in enough high-quality leads that convert into high paying clients? Nobody’s enrolling, and you don’t know how to get them to buy.


I’ve got you covered and this is exactly why I created this Masterclass. In 90 minutes together, we’re going to learn:

> different sales & marketing strategies you can use to capture each type of lead into your sales funnel.  

- how to turn an icy cold lead into a spicy hot one, turning those lurkers into followers and those followers into paying clients. 

> various ways to incorporate sales psychology principles into your sales & marketing plan

- how to market to the 4 different buyer personas and different examples (actual templates) of how you can sell to each of them in your content.

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