Episode 9 S 3: The what & who that I’ve invested in


This week on the show I talk about the investments I’ve made in my mentorship- the who, what and everything in between.

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Episode 26: Mastering the Energetics of Instagram


On the show this week, I share one simple practice you can do to evolve your mindset to leverage social media to take your coaching biz to the next level- marketing in complete alignment, creating content that lights you up and calls in more dream clients. 

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The foundation is everything, if you don’t have the fundamentals down it will feel hard because it will be hard.

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Episode 15: The Investment Journey No One is Talking About

In this week’s episode I share a CEO mindset shift that has the power to change the entire trajectory of your business and accelerate growth in ways you never thought possible.

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  •  How the cost of not having what you want will always be more expensive than  investing in a solution
  • The investment journey no one is talking about
  • The one thing every successful woman has in common

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