Episode 2: Pricing Your Offers


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “maybe I should lower prices so I can sign more clients,” in this week's episode I’m going to tell you why that's a big mistake.

Product and offer pricing is something I get a lot of questions about. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pricing table or sheet I can give you (it doesn’t work that way) but what I do give you in this episode are things you should take into consideration the next time you sit down to price out your offers.


  • The belief system that it’s just as easy to sell a $500 program as it is to sell a $5K program
  •  Why discounting your prices as strategy to increase overall revenue is a mistake
  •  The stereotype that gives context to the value of your offers 

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Episode 30: How to Build a Business That Makes You Money


In this week's episode of the Social Selling Podcast I grab the mic to share an unpopular opinion,  the number one challenge I see my clients struggling with and what the one question you need to answer to build a business that makes you money. 


  • Your business’s hierarchy of needs {inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs}
  • The trajectory all entrepreneurs evolve from on their way to 6-figures
  • How to refine success 

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Episode 22: Cutting Through the BS with Lindsey Salmas

In today’s episode, the one and only Lindsey Salmas joins me on the show. Lindsey is a Dating Coach & Personal Growth Expert who helps growth-minded humans align with themselves to find real lasting love. She’s also a founding Foundations alumni, in this week's episode she shares her unfiltered experience in the program.



  The importance of (cutting through the BS) knowing exactly what you’re purchasing as a new entrepreneur in the online space.

Why you need structures and systems in your business.

Lindsey’s honest experience with my program Foundations and how it’s helped her thrive.


Foundations, the most comprehensive, 8-week, group coaching container that’s going to give you clarity, guidance, and more importantly RESULTS IS BACK!!

The truth is: My clients slay it.

While working with me, business doesn’t feel hard, signing...

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