Episode 19: How to Craft Your Signature Framework

Hey Social Seller, I know you’re good as hell at what you do but you might be struggling to scale, get noticed or establish authority in your industry and here's one thing that could change all that…  a signature framework!

Crafting your signature framework helps you to showcase to your audience how you provide results, allowing potential clients to develop trust in the process because they see how you’ll guide to success step-by-step.

I’m sure you’re thinking, "but Courtney, how do I even create my own signature framework?!” 

Tune in and you’ll find out!


  • The genius of a personal brand
  • The step-by-step process to extracting your own signature framework

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Episode 34: Building Your Brand Voice with Mackenzie B Fleming


In this week's episode, I bring on a very special spicy guest, my friend Mackenzie B Fleming, a Fortune 500 copywriter turned entrepreneur and the go-to copy partner for coaches and service providers who aren’t afraid to spice up their industry. She’s worked with 6, 7, and 8-figure brands to develop their signature brand voice and craft personality-pumped copy that maximizes both sales and impact! You can find Mackenzie hanging out on Instagram @mackenziebfleming!


  • How your brand voice is different from branding
  • Why advice like “just be yourself” doesn’t get you very far. 
  • What flexing your brand voice muscle can do to help you stand out and be seen.

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Episode 28: Is Consistency Queen?


How many times have you heard a guru in the online space preach the power of consistency when it comes to success? In this week’s episode of The Social Selling Podcast I talk about the psychological reason behind why consistency is so important and how consistency without intention is a trap that will leave you broke and frustrated.


  • Why brand consistency matters.
  • What context has to do with being recognized & remembered and why you must show up in a way that’s consistent so your brand can be put back into context.
  • Why consistency can be a trap to coaches & creatives. 

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Come and hang...

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Episode 11: Work Life Blending with Chelsea Glaser

In this episode, I bring on a very special guest, Chelsea Glaser! Chelsea is a brand strategist and serial founder. She is the Co-founder of Launch It Girl, a strategy-first brand & web design studio, as well as the Co-founder of Fredi, a wellness brand helping women put their wellness first so they can achieve more in their careers. Fredi launched a first product, Focused by Fredi, in April 2020, which is an all-natural daily supplement that helps you feel sharp, collected, and energized all day long.

It is Chelsea's mission to help ambitious women understand and experience how capable they truly are, and help them break down the barriers between them and their goals. You can find Chelsea on Instagram on her personal @chelseaglaser, her wellness brand @wearefredi, and her strategy-first brand & web design studio @launchitgirls. She also left you with some amazing goodies, grab your brand strategy checklist here and get 15% off Fredi by using code SOCIAL15 at checkout.


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