Episode 35: How to Make an Impact Without Being Salesy


No one wants to be that girl, the sleazy saleswoman but what if I told you selling can be as simple as having a conversation? I'm not telling you all conversations are created equal, but with the right energy, intention, and knowledge- it could be that easy.

If you’ve feared selling because of the way you’ve been sold to and in an effort to not make others feel the same way, you’ve shied away from selling all together- this episode is for you.

If you’re not prioritizing sales, you’re probably running around doing everything but: consuming content, writing and rewriting your “I help statement,” designing your logo, creating free resource after free resource. I see you. I was you, and I had very little sales to show for those 8 hours I put into creating the “About” page on my website.

If I had a slogan I think it would be “Have a conversation because it’s the one thing that’s going to make you money."


  • 3 ways for you to communicate your message and make more money this week.
  • What resistance are you're facing when it comes to selling and why.
  • A preview of “All-in,” a sneak peak of what’s coming in November!

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