Episode 11: Work Life Blending with Chelsea Glaser

In this episode, I bring on a very special guest, Chelsea Glaser! Chelsea is a brand strategist and serial founder. She is the Co-founder of Launch It Girl, a strategy-first brand & web design studio, as well as the Co-founder of Fredi, a wellness brand helping women put their wellness first so they can achieve more in their careers. Fredi launched a first product, Focused by Fredi, in April 2020, which is an all-natural daily supplement that helps you feel sharp, collected, and energized all day long.

It is Chelsea's mission to help ambitious women understand and experience how capable they truly are, and help them break down the barriers between them and their goals. You can find Chelsea on Instagram on her personal @chelseaglaser, her wellness brand @wearefredi, and her strategy-first brand & web design studio @launchitgirls. She also left you with some amazing goodies, grab your brand strategy checklist here and get 15% off Fredi by using code SOCIAL15 at checkout.

“Secure your own oxygen mask before you help the person next to you. Just keep taking care of yourself and practice more self-compassion. Our inner critic it’s not the only way to hold ourselves accountable. Self-compassion is also a really productive thing to practice and to move forward with." - Chelsea Glaser


  • How outsourcing can change your work life boundaries
  • Why we need to be putting our wellness first and checking in with ourselves as female entrepreneurs
  • Why setting boundaries and non-negotiables when it comes to running a business is so crucial

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