Activate Your Audience

How to Sell without Selling Free Masterclass


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I’m talking about a waitlist full of dream clients, 5-figure sales before your cart opens, DM’s from brand new followers who said they found you 3 days ago and just had to jump into your offer…


That’s the power of activating your audience and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you to do inside this FREE 60 minute Masterclass.  


Close your eyes and envision your DM’s flooded with messages that say “send me the link!”  

Hi I’m Courtney Kimble,


Transformative Business Coach & Mentor. I’m a sales & marketing expert with a degree in psychology. I help my client’s create 6-figure+ coaching businesses online the easy way!


Activate Your Audience: How to Sell without Selling Masterclass 


What you'll learn inside this Masterclass:


How to use the ACTIVATE Method to create a warm AF audience who’s always ready and excited to buy from you


→ The art of inspiring your audience to make empowered buying decisions on the daily 

How to channel your 6-figure CEO so you can make an impact without feeling salesy 


→ Sales Embodiment: How to identify & rewire beliefs about selling to support your sales +  launch goals  

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The questions I’ll help you answer inside this masterclass:


“How do I create a warm audience who always wants to buy?”

“How do I sell without the fear and icky hangover?”

You should join us if:⁣⁣⁣


→ You’ve shared or launched your offers and gotten crickets 

→ You hear sales and think “used car salesman”

→ You're not good at selling (it’s okay, you’ll get better)


Psss what if I told you, you can convert your audience with a free Mailchimp lead page, no website, no ads, and no team? I’ll teach you how inside this masterclass.


Activate Your Audience